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Success Stories

"I came to Scioto depressed, angry, and very dependent on others. I left Scioto happy, confident and secure and independent…and standing!!!"
Barry, below right knee amputation

"My dad actually walks better now than he did before he broke his hip. At first, he didn’t enjoy the rigorous therapy, but Jason his therapist made him realize it was all worth it in the end."
Adele, her father had hip surgery after a fall and was back home within 5 weeks...and walking better than before!

Above is Mr. Fabrizio working out in the Scioto rehab gym with his daughter. He came to Scioto after a hip replacement and was unable to move much. He left Scioto walking and...

...dancing at his granddaughters wedding! Mr. Fabrizio says "Thank you to the Scioto Community's rehab team and nurses for getting me back in motion. I will cherish the memory of being able to dance with my granddaughter at her wedding. Thank you!"